2021 Salmon Recovery Grant Round is Underway!

WSPER coordinates the solicitation and ranking of salmon habitat projects as the lead entity for east Water Resources Inventory Area (WRIA) 15. Interested project sponsors submitted Letters of Intent on January 8, 2021. Project sponsors are currently developing projects and completing PRISM applications prior to to virtual site visits in mid-March.

Funding Information

Approximately $266,000 of Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) funds are available for habitat protection or restoration projects aligned with the recovery strategies for salmon and steelhead populations. WSPER is soliciting projects for review by the SRFB. Funding for approved projects will be available after the SRFB meeting in September 2021.

Eligible Applicants

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Native American Tribes
  • Conservation districts
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Regional fisheries enhancement groups
  • Special purpose districts
  • Private landowners
  • State agencies (with local partner)

Eligible Projects

  • Acquisition
  • Restoration
  • Planning (Designs, Assessments and Inventories)
  • Combination projects (Acquisition and Restoration, Acquisition and Planning)

Submission Information [CLOSED]

Interested project applicants must email a Letter of Intent to the Coordinator at [email protected] by January 8, 2021. The WSPER technical advisory group will screen all Letters of Intent to determine consistency with local salmon recovery strategies and priorities. Project sponsors will be notified by January 20, 2021 if their project is consistent with local salmon recovery strategies and should move forward in the 2021 grant cycle. Virtual project site visit is required and will be scheduled between February 1 and March 19, 2021.

Interested applicants with projects not identified on the Planned Projects Forecast List 2021 and 2022 are encouraged to contact Kirvie Mesebeluu-Yobech, Coordinator, to get more information about salmon recovery strategies, watershed recovery plans, and the application process. Call 360-509-9941 or email [email protected].

For information about West Sound salmon recovery, see WSPER Recovery Plans and Strategies.

For information about Salmon Recovery Grants see Manual 18.


2021 WSPER call for projects

2021 Letter of Intent Form

Grant Round Schedule

November 10: TAG meeting to discuss approach, set call for projects
End-of-November: Release call for projects
December 8: Working Group meeting
January 8: Letters of Intent Due
January 19: TAG meeting to review and screen Letters of Intent
January 20: Sponsors informed about TAG determination
Jan 20 – March 1: Sponsors develop project applications in PRISM
March 15: Virtual Site Visits with SRFB review panel and TAG
March 16: TAG meeting to review projects and provide comments to sponsors
March 20: Target date for sponsors to respond to comments/questions from review panel and TAG
April 2: SRFB review panel release comment forms identifying projects as “Clear,” “Conditioned,” “Needs more information,” or “Project of Concern.”
April 12: One hour optional conference call opportunity with SRFB review panel to discuss “Need More Information,” “Project of Concern,” or “Conditioned” projects
April-May: TAG members evaluate and score projects
May 11: TAG meeting to develop ranked salmon habitat project list
June 8: Working Group meeting to review ranked list
June 28: Final project application due in PRISM
July 22: Final SRFB comment received identifying projects as “Clear,” “Conditioned,” or “Project of Concern”
August: Executive Committee to review ranked list
August 9: Final ranked project list due in PRSIM