2023-2024 Salmon Recovery Grant Opportunity in West Sound (Approx 1.8 million)

West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery (WSPER) is announcing a call for salmon habitat projects.

Resources for this grant round:

RCO Manual 18_2024 Policy Changes Summary_FINAL

2024 salmon programs at-a-glance

As a lead entity for salmon recovery, WSPER coordinates a solicitation and ranking of salmon habitat projects in east Water Resource Inventory Area 15. WSPER is calling for sponsors to submit projects for review by our Technical Advisory Group and ultimately the state’s Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB). The first step is for sponsors to submit a Letter of Intent to the WSPER coordinator by January 3, 2024. Submit your Letter of Intent here.

Find a Word version of the Letter of Intent questions Letter of Intent Form Text.

Funding Information

Funding for this grant round is available from the State Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) and Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) program to protect and restore habitat for salmon and steelhead populations. Projects must align with WSPER’s Recovery Plans and Strategies for salmon and steelhead populations.


  • SRFB funds are anticipated to be between ~$300,371 and $372,875 available September 2024.
  • PSAR funds are anticipated to be ~$990,000 available in July 2025.
  • Riparian funds are anticipated to be $477,972 available September 2024.
  • PSAR Large Cap Projects will be considered in this grant round.
  • Large projects (Targeted Investments) will also be considered, with six total projects from around the Puget Sound region.

Eligible Applicants

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Native American Tribes
  • Conservation districts
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Regional fisheries enhancement groups
  • Special purpose districts
  • Private landowners
  • State agencies (with local partner)


Eligible Projects

  • Acquisition
  • Planning (Designs, Assessments, and Inventories)
  • Restoration
  • Combination projects (Acquisition and Restoration, Acquisition and Planning)


 Submission Information

The Letter of Intent form is due January 3, 2024. The WSPER Technical Advisory Group will screen all Letters of Intent to determine consistency with local Recovery Plans and Strategies and priorities. The WSPER coordinator will notify project sponsors of the TAG’s decision of whether a project is consistent with local priorities and should continue into the 2024 grant round by January 31, 2024. A site visit will be required in February or March 2024 for projects continuing in the grant round.  The competitive grant round will span through August 4, 2024, when the final ranked list is submitted.

Contact Renee Johnson for more information about salmon recovery strategies, watershed recovery plans, and the application process. Call 360-509-9941 or email [email protected]. For information about West Sound salmon recovery, see WSPER Recovery Plans and Strategies.

For information about Salmon Recovery Grants see RCO Website.

Criteria for Scoring (Criteria are meant to be a guide for scoring, not finite)

Project implements a recovery strategy and/or is on the Planned Project Forecast List 2023-2024 or 4-Year Workplan

  • If yes, then rank
  • If no, then not eligible

Scope and cost/budget of project (10 points)

  • Is scope of project appropriate? Could the project be phased?
  • Is the budget consistent with expected benefits and with projects of similar scale?

Benefits to fish (20 points)

  • Restoration project addresses high priority habitat, watershed processes, or nearshore processes that will have a demonstrable effect on salmon productivity
  • Restoration and/or acquisition project targets high priority watershed (refugia with source populations and relatively high abundance and productivity)
  • Acquisition project targets high habitat function, low site disturbance, and intact processes
  • Acquisition project is necessary to carryout high priority restoration project
  • Tier 1 projects per Nearshore integration and synthesis tool

Certainty of success (15 points)

  • Experience of sponsor in implementing similar projects
  • Restoration approach is well established with predictable outcomes
  • Restoration project restores ecosystem processes versus simply making structural modifications
  • Stewardship/maintenance for restoration and/or acquisition projects
    • Stewardship plan? Actions self-sustaining or low maintenance? Funds for monitoring/stewardship?
  • Benefits realized immediately versus long term and are independent of other restoration/acquisition projects
  • Benefits of acquisition not dependent on future restoration actions

WSPER LE 2024 Salmon Habitat Project Draft Grant Round Schedule

Phase Date Description
Planning October 3 Call for projects, scoring criteria, & Letter of Intent are distributed
November 28 Discuss projects, letter of intent, call for projects as needed
January 3 Letter of intent due
January 9 Sponsors present their projects and get feedback
January 30 Preliminary project applications due in PRISM (do not hit submit)
Jan 30 – Early March Application technical review period
March 12 & 13 Site visit w/SRFB review panel
March 28 SRFB Review Panel comment form released identifying projects as “Clear,” “Conditioned,” “Needs More Information,” or “Project of Concern.” Monitoring Panel will provide comments for monitoring projects.
April 8 & 9 1-hr call w/SRFB Panel for project sponsors to discuss “Need More Information,” “Project of Concern,” or “Conditioned” projects
LE Develops Habitat List April 17 Sponsors submit final responses to Review Panel comments
May 7 TAG submits scores to WSPER Coordinator for processing
May 14 TAG meeting: discuss scores and produce ranked list
May 28 WG meeting: TAG chair provides recommendations and requests feedback and approval
June TBD EC meeting: WG chair provides recommendation and requests feedback and approval
June 21 Final applications due in PRISM
Funding Decision July 26 Review Panel comments distribute to sponsors
August 12 Applications with conditioned projects must accept conditions or withdraw project
August 13 Coordinator submits ranked list
Sept 24-25 Salmon Recovery Funding Board awards grants