To help recover salmon and the broader Puget Sound ecosystem by serving as the Lead Entity (LE) for salmon recovery in eastern Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 15 and the Local Integrating Organization (LIO) for Puget Sound ecosystem recovery in the North Central Action Area.


To implement a science-based, community supported ecosystem recovery plan of actions in the West Sound focusing on recovering and sustaining thriving salmon runs and shellfish beds and improving watershed ecological functions including water quality and habitat that support native biodiversity.


We envision a healthy and resilient West Sound ecosystem supported by vibrant human communities.

Operating Guidelines adopted – 11/05/2020

We are a Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery

Lead entities develop local salmon recovery strategies and recruit organizations to implement them through habitat protection and restoration projects. We are funded by the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office to assist in salmon recovery at the local level. This leverages local dollars, creates and sustains local jobs, and maximizes the public’s investment.

We were created by Kitsap County in 1999, in agreement with the cities, counties and tribes in east Water Resource Inventory Area 15. We work with local and tribal governments in east Kitsap County and west Pierce County to coordinate natural resource planning, conservation, and restoration efforts together with federal, state, and regional efforts.

We are committed to identifying, prioritizing, and implementing actions to conserve and restore the Puget Sound ecosystem, recover salmon, and protect improve, and conserve water resources for people, fish and wildlife. We align salmon strategies with Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plans, Puget Sound ecosystem recovery plans, and Southern Resident Killer Whale recovery plans.

We are a combination of a Lead Entity and two former Local Integrating Organizations (LIO). These include the WSPER LIO, formerly known as the West Central LIO and the Alliance for a Healthy South Sound LIO.

We are a Local Integration Organization

Local Integrating Organizations help develop science-based priorities and actions we must take to recover the Puget Sound. We work with the Puget Sound Partnership (a state agency) to address “threats and pressures” to ecosystem health. Some of the most important issues of our time require innovation and bold action around issues like stormwater, shoreline restoration, salmon recovery, and water quality that affects shellfish harvesting. Together we are stronger as we share information and resources and decide which actions must be taken to recover the Puget Sound.

Our Action Area is the West Central area, which includes the east side of the Kitsap Peninsula. There are nine jurisdictions in our area including counties, cities and tribes. Representatives from these jurisdictions make up WSPER’s Executive Committee.